Connect Four

About This Game

Connect Four is a HTML5 game where 2 player game in which the objective is to connect four of coloured disks by dropping them into the holder, play against computer or against a friend. Challenge yourself from a traditional 7 X 6 grid, or custom board size from 7×6 to 9×8.

Easy Mini Games

Easy Mini Games is a site that provides easy and casual online games for people of all ages. We believe that everyone deserves a break from the stresses of daily life and that gaming should be accessible and easy to learn. One of the great things about easy mini-games is that they're perfect for pick-up-and-play gaming.

Whether you have five minutes or an hour, you can always find time for a quick game at Easy Mini Games. Just plug in and start having fun! They are effortless to learn; therefore, you can jump right in without investing hours learning complex controls

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